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1.  All prices are subject to change without prior notice & as per accommodation, airline decision, selected airline or selected journey dates with availability.
2. Hotel standard check in 1400 hrs & check out 1200 hrs. Early check in or late check out may have extra fees charged by accommodation
3. Hotel rates are not valid during trade fairs, exhibitions and special events
4. Package is valid for minimum of 2 passengers or said otherwise
5. Booked package must be cancelled 31+ days prior to departure date, if done so 100% of unutilized payment will be refunded. If cancelled after 31 days then no refunds will be given
6. No refunds will be given for un utilized services. Any advance given for any package is non refundable in any case
7. Due to un avoidable circumstances some changes to the package may be necessary, we apologies for any inconvenience & expect your kind understanding
8. Rooms near your family / friends depends on availability, there is no certainty for that
9. Waiting time at the airport will be one hour maximum. If passenger is late further extra charges may be deducted. Local/international transportation may charge you extra for extra luggage you bring. Each adult is allowed one luggage (28 in max) & one carry on (14 in max) . Its your responsibility to know luggage capacity
10. Early check outs will get no refunds in any situation. Hotel / Resort may charge guest extra for early check in, late check out other amenities used at hotel
11. We are not responsible for any additional costs or circumstances that are beyond our control such as technical problems with transportation, bad weather, government imposed taxes or additional fees
12. All passengers must take all required documents for entry to the destination country, which is their responsibility
13. There will be absolutely no refunds after  31 days left to departure date
14. Air fare is non refundable in any situation. Any changes made to the itinerary are subject to fees & service charges
15. If the guest wishes to change itinerary or places after booking of package, you are required to pay the price difference
16. The guests are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the resort / hotel where they are accommodated
17. In the unlikely event of reserved accommodation not available for you upon arrival at your destination, we would immediately arrange for an alternate accommodation of the same standards
18. Shorter-stays than the booked stay and early check-out will be regarded as cancellation and hence no refund will be provided
19. We shall have no legal liability for any loss, damage, personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your holiday
20. Journey undertaken by air, land or sea is governed by the terms and conditions of the service provider. Any changes made by the service provider is out of our control
21. In the unfortunate event of vehicle breakdown, we will provide you alternate vehicle. However, the time loss due to event will not be compensated.
22. In case of any immigration/Visa complications, the cancellation policy shall be applicable in full
23. 50% of total payment must be made for bookings the departure date of which is 31+ days later. For bookings less than 31 days early 100% payment is required. Advanced booking money is non refundable in any case of cancellation in all situations after less than 30 days is left of departure date regardless of accommodation or any other party involved. 
24. Any bookings made by us may or may not be under guest name. As per different local establishment rules & policies
25. It may take up to 48-96 hours to issue actual paid vouchers depending on accommodation & other 3rd party response time
26. Hotels, resorts, transportation or any tour operator may charge guests extra as per their specific policies regardless of what is mentioned in the guest voucher. Dragon Holidays BD is not responsible for this type of fees.
27. We are not responsible for any delays by 3rd party airlines, local transport or local tour operators. Any financial loss due to delays are not our responsibility
28. Infant policy subject to individual hotel/transport/local tour operator
29. We are not responsible for any aspect of the tour that is out of our control or jurisdiction
30. No transportation or tour will wait after the designated time. If guest fails to arrive at designated spot then it is considered as no show & no refund is given
31. Failure to mention all details of children including age , height, number or anything is subject to local establishment decision. We are not liable for financial loss
32. Any TAX, service charge, or other fees imposed by local or foreign government must be paid by guest directly to authority
32. Any extra charge imposed by any 3rd party is payable to 3rd party directly by the guest and are not our responsibility. Any fee may be imposed by 3rd party like airlines or hotel as per their policy or as per extra facility given to the guests, payable by guest directly